HyunJin, Kim

Ph.D. Student

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I am a Ph.D. student at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), advised by Professor JinYeong Bak in the Human Language Intelligence Lab.

Concurrently, I am participating in the Ph.D. Collaborator program with Microsoft Research.
In collaboration with Dr. Young Jin Kim, I am exploring effective fine-tuning techniques for a generative model.

My research focuses on natural language processing, parameter-efficient fine-tuning, retrieval augmented generation, and the analysis of deep learning models.


International Conferences and Journals

  1. PEMA: Plug-in External Memory Adaptation for Language Models
    HyunJin Kim, Young Jin Kim, JinYeong Bak
    (NAACL 2024;To appear).

  2. A Transformer-based Function Symbol Name Inference Model from an Assembly Language for Binary Reversing
    HyunJin Kim, JinYeong Bak, Kyunghyun Cho, and Hyungjoon Koo
    [In the 18th ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security] 2023.
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  3. Associative Knowledge Graph Using Fuzzy Clustering and Min-Max Normalization in Video Contents
    Hyun-Jin Kim, Ji-Won Baek, Kyungyong Chung
    [IEEE Access] 2021.
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Domestic Conferences and Journals

  1. Function Name Prediction using Binary Code with Transformer
    HyunJin Kim and JinYeong Bak
    [The Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers] 2021.

  2. Traffic Knowledge Graph using Associative Document Weight
    Hyun-Jin Kim, Min-Jeong Kim, Ju-Chang Kim, Kyungyong Chung
    [International Conference on Convergence Technology] 2020.

  3. Association Rule based Video Knowledge Extraction using Object Detection Algorithm
    Hyun-Jin Kim, Hye-Jeong Kwon, Ji-Hye Gwon, Kyungyong Chung [Korean Society for Internet Information] 2020.

  4. Data Bias Optimization based Association Reasoning Model for Road Risk Detection.
    Seong-Eun Ryu, Hyun-Jin Kim, Byung-Kook Koo, Hye-Jeong Kwon, Roy C Park, Kyungyong Chung
    [Journal of the Korea Convergence Society] 2020.

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